Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus is an honorary title designated to retired full-time faculty members who have demonstrated notable contributions during their professional career at Wentworth Institute of Technology.  All full-time non-visiting faculty are eligible for this honorary title upon retirement.

The title is determined by the faculty rank at the time of retirement. The term “Emeritus” will follow the rank of the faculty member upon retirement, such as Professor Emeritus, Associate Professor Emeritus or Lecturer Emeritus.


  • Retired or upon retirement, are or were a full professor or associate professor by the end of the academic year,
  • Provided distinguished and honorable full-time academic and/or professional service to the University over a period of at least 10 years and made a significant contribution to their professional area of expertise,
  • Adhered to the highest academic, civic, and ethical standards,
  • Rated as “Exceeds Expectations” in at least 3 of the last 5 annual overall ratings and the remaining overall ratings at “Meets Expectations” or above, and
  • Has had no misconduct issues requiring review and/or resolution in the 5 years leading up to retirement.


The process of awarding Emeritus status should include the following steps:

  1. A nomination may be initiated by the retiring or retired faculty member, the faculty member’s school dean or associate dean, or a faculty colleague on the faculty member's behalf. The nomination should be submitted to the Dean of the faculty member’s school.
  2. Application material shall include a letter of nomination and a brief synopsis of contributions and achievements as a faculty member at Wentworth.
  3. The Dean shall submit a recommendation letter for or against granting the honorary title along with the originally submitted materials to the Provost for final decision.
  4. A written notification of the decision shall be sent to the candidate.
  5. Under unusual circumstances, the provost, in consultation with the chair of Faculty Senate, can revoke the Emeritus honorary title.

Honors and Privileges

The honors and privileges associated with having been granted the status title of Emeritus are as follows:

  • Lifetime listing indicating the honorary title of Emeritus in university catalogs and directories.
  • Lifetime access to email and library resources.
  • Participation in university public ceremonies.
  • Eligible to teach part-time.
  • With permission of the dean, authorization to serve on or chair a thesis committee or engage in other research or educational activities within the university.
  • Based on availability and the recommendations of the dean and with the concurrence of the provost, use of office and/or lab space, equipment, and other campus facilities to support scholarly work and/or educational activities.
  • Other honors and privileges may be added by request