Wentworth (WIT) Online

Ke'Anna Skipwith, Assistant Provost
(617) 989-5021
WIT Online Learning Hub: https://sites.wit.edu/wit-online/

Wentworth (WIT) Online partners with academic departments and administrative offices to plan, formulate, implement, and evaluate processes to enhance the curricula for Wentworth’s online learning programs. WIT Online works closely with faculty in course development, instruction, and learner support to assure course quality and academic success.

Mission: We partner with faculty, staff, and students to enhance the curriculum by developing and delivering flexible and innovative online learning experiences supported by best practices.

Here are some services that are available to the Wentworth community:

  • Faculty Orientation
  • Student Orientation
  • Course Design and Development
  • Faculty Consultations
  • Faculty Development Opportunities
  • Quality Assurance Course Reviews
  • Course Preparation and Readiness Support
  • Customized Online Learning Solutions
  • Best Practices for Online Teaching and Learning