Housing & Residential Life

The Office of Housing and Residential Life (OHRL) promotes a safe and inclusive residential community that supports student success through intentionally designed programs and services.

Wentworth accommodates more than 2,200 students in fifteen (15) residential buildings that are organized into seven communities.

  • Baker Hall is a traditional-style residence hall that houses first-year students in double bedrooms, and shared-floor showers and bathrooms.  The five floors in Baker Hall provide a community atmosphere with frequent opportunities to interact with other students. The building has community lounges for group studying or socializing.  Included in every room is a bed, desk and chair, and wardrobe.
  • Evans Way Hall/Tudbury Hall is a first-year student residence hall comprised of suites accommodating four (4) to twelve (12 ) students.  Each suite contains a central living room, one to two bathrooms, and two to four bedrooms. This community also has a study room, exercise room, and multi-purpose auditorium.
  • The Apartments @ 525 houses upper-class students in apartments of four (4) to five (5) people. Seventy percent (70%) of the bedrooms are singles, and each apartment has a common area, kitchen with a dishwasher, bathroom, and washer/dryer. The building also features a bicycle storage room and public meeting rooms. Included in every room is a bed, desk and chair, and closet.
  • 610 Huntington Avenue houses upper-class students in apartments with double bedrooms, a common area, kitchen, and bathroom. Included in every room is a bed, desk and chair, and wardrobe.  The building also features an exercise room, a large lounge, a billiard/game room, and a meeting/study area.
  • 555 Huntington Avenue houses upper-class students in apartments ranging from four to nine students in single, double, and triple bedrooms. Included in every room is a bed, desk and chair, and wardrobe. All apartments have a kitchen area, a common area, and bedrooms.  Each floor has a lounge/study area.
  • Edwards/Rodgers Apartments houses upper-class students in two-person studios and three-person, one-bedroom apartments. Non-studio apartments contain a kitchen and dining area, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Studios consist of rooms comprised of a living space and bedroom.  Included in every apartment is a bed, desk and chair, and closet.
  • Louis Prang/Vancouver Apartments are available for upper-class students. These apartments offer a variety of living arrangements from studio apartments to multiple-person apartments. All units have kitchen and bathroom facilities and provide an off-campus apartment feel with the convenience of living on campus. Included in every room is a bed, desk and chair, and closet.

Each of the residential communities are coeducational and overseen by a building staff, which includes a live-in professional staff member (assistant director, resident director, and/or assistant resident director) and student resident assistants. Building staff are responsible for creating an inclusive, welcoming, educational and purposeful community that focuses on personal and social student development. If students have questions or concerns about their living situation, they are encouraged to seek the help of the resident assistants or the professional staff members who oversee their residential community.

For more information, follow us on Facebook, visit our website, email housing@wit.edu, call (617) 989-4160, or visit the Housing and Residential Life Office located in The Apartments @ 525, room 101.