Student Affairs

Rubenstein Hall 003
(617) 989-4702

The Office of Student Affairs acts as a resource, referral agent, and advocate for students so they may live and learn successfully throughout their Wentworth experience. Staffed by the vice president for student affairs/dean of students, associate vice president for student affairs/associate dean of students, assistant dean of students, coordinator of community standards, care specialist, and assistant to the deans, the Office of Student Affairs provides advice or support on academic or personal matters, assisting students in accessing the resources and solutions they need. In the past, Student Affairs has helped students with such concerns as missing a significant number of classes due to illness or injury, experiencing financial hardships, or difficulties with the transition into college life. 

Through the Office of Student Affairs, students can: 

  • Receive support for personal, financial, or academic matters 
  • File an official concern/complaint
  • Receive assistance with long term absences from the Institute (including hospitalization, bereavement, religious observance etc.) and submitting an Absence Notification Request 
  • Obtain a Wentworth Student Planner 
  • Receive information about the Student Emergency Fund 
  • Access the Wentworth Supply Closet 
  • Receive information about the Wentworth Student Handbook 
  • Speak with a member of our staff to share a concern about another student 
  • Bring forward a Title IX complaint 
  • Report a violation of the Student Code of Conduct  
  • Seek assistance to request a Medical Leave of Absence 
  • Receive support in the fulfillment of Jury Duty
  • Receive assistance with Student Code of Conduct violations 
  • Receive information regarding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 

Student Affairs oversees the following departments: Athletics, Center for Cooperative Education + Career Development, Center for Diversity & Social Justice Programs, Center for Student Engagement, Center for Wellness, Fitness and Recreation, and Housing and Residential Life. 

Additionally, the Office of Student Affairs oversees compliance and enforcement of the Student Code of Conduct throughout the Wentworth community.