Identification Cards

All students and employees must carry their Wentworth identification card at all times. Students must present them upon the request of a faculty member, member of the administration, or other person of authority. Any student refusing to surrender an identification card when properly requested to do so will be subject to disciplinary action. Students must have current, valid identification cards in order to borrow books from the library, use the gym facilities, enter the studios and residence halls, etc. ID cards are to be used only by the persons to whom they were issued; they are non-transferable. Students who need to replace a lost or damaged ID card can do so in the Copy Mail Center. A replacement cost will be assessed.

When students purchase a board plan, money is placed onto the identification card for use in the Wentworth cafeteria and convenience store, Massachusetts College of Art and Design cafeteria, and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) coffee shop. Students may also open a Fenway Cash account to be used for purchases in the Wentworth bookstore, convenience store, some vending machines, as well as all five of the Colleges of the Fenway cafeterias and at many off-campus businesses. Refer to the Student Handbook for additional information.