2020-2021 Academic Policy and Program Updates

Change Area Change Description Date of Update or Effective Term
New Policy Communication with Students-WIT email is official mode for communication with students Fall 2020
Policy Change FERPA -New guidelines for virtual course delivery Fall 2020
Policy Change Incomplete Grades Policy-If course instructor cannot be reached or is no longer at Wentworth, the student should contact the department chair of the course. Fall 2020
Policy Change Medical Leave of Absence Extended to 1 year Fall 2020
Policy Change Transfer Credit after Matriculation-A student who fails a course at Wentworth is expected to repeat the course at Wentworth. Exceptions must be approved in writing by the chair of the Wentworth department offering the failed course. If an exception is granted, the student must then follow the transfer preapproval process. If the course is completed at another institution with a grade of C or higher, the transfer grade of TR satisfies the course requirement, but does not eliminate the initial F from the student’s GPA. Fall 2020
New Section Added Graduate Polices (Graduate grades to include C, Graduate co-op option : COOP6500 option, Graduate Good Academic Standing Policy) Fall 2020
New Minor American Studies (MAST) Fall 2020
New Minor Internet of Things (MIOT) Fall 2020
New Minor Science and Technology in Society (MSTS) Fall 2020
New Minor Sustainability Minor (COF Only) (MSUS) Fall 2020
Changes to existing minors Applied Math Fall 2020
Changes to existing minors Biology Fall 2020
Changes to existing minors Bioinformatics (no longer offered) Fall 2020
Changes to existing minors Computer Networking Fall 2020
Changes to Undergraduate & Graduate Programs BSA and M.ARCH Fall 2020
Changes to Undergraduate Programs BCOS: reduction in required credits, new 3 year option Fall 2020
Changes to Undergraduate Programs BSCM – Reduction in required credits, Concentrations CMRE & CMFM Fall 2020
Changes to Undergraduate Programs BINT - reduction in required credits Fall 2020
Changes to Undergraduate Programs BSAM - Lab Science Requirement Fall 2020
Changes to Undergraduate Programs Part-time and Undergraduate Certificate (credit bearing only) reassigned to 3 colleges Fall 2020
Changes to Graduate Programs 2 new 1 Year Accelerated Programs (MSPM, M,Eng. CE) Fall 2020
New Subject Code Humanities & Science - HSSI Fall 2020
New Courses - ARCH ARCH1200,ARCH1700,ARCH4075,ARCH4100 Fall 2020
New Courses - INTD INTD3010,INTD3400,INTD3510,INTD4010 Fall 2020
New Course - BIOL BIOL3550 Fall 2020
New Course - CIVE CIVE5000 Fall 2020
New Course - CMRE CMRE2400 Fall 2020
New Courses - COMM COMM4205, COMM4210 Fall 2020
New Courses - COMP COMP4590, COMP4600, COMP5050 Fall 2020
New Course - COOP COOP6500 Fall 2020
New Course - ELEC ELEC3050 Fall 2020
New Course - HIST HIST4151 Fall 2020
New Course - HSSI HSSI4000 Fall 2020
New Courses - HUMN HUMN3200,HUMN3221 Fall 2020
New Course - MATH MATH1600 Fall 2020
New Course - MECH MECH3450 Fall 2020
New Course - PHIL PHIL4550 Fall 2020
New Course - PSYC PSYC3200 Fall 2020