Workforce Development & Professional Education

Valerie Paquette, Executive Director
Wentworth Hall, Room 108C
(617) 989-4483

Lifelong learning is a tradition at Wentworth Institute of Technology. The WIT Workforce Development & Professional Education division supports learners to achieve their educational and career goals with part-time evening, weekend, and online programs designed to accommodate busy lifestyles. The Workforce Development & Professional Education team works directly with corporations, industry experts, and our community partners to develop market driven, career accelerating education and development opportunities for our lifelong learner population.

Wentworth has a long tradition of offering specialized workforce training and development programs to people who are:

  • interested in advancing their careers through acquisition of job-relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • eager to obtain industry recognized credentials.
  • ready to advance into more senior levels of supervision and leadership

Taught by instructors who are active and experienced in their fields, these short form and customized programs provide learners with the experience and credentials needed to make them competitive in today's job market. Several programs offer skills for licensing and certification. Please view the WFPE website (

Workforce Training Programs: Non-Credit (CEU) Certificate

Managing Construction Projects

Wentworth's Managing Construction Projects Certificate is designed for individuals who are interested in transitioning into a management-focused position in the construction industry.  Students in this program build core competencies in management theory, estimating, scheduling, control, contracts, and codes. This program is conveniently formatted for adult learners, with fast-paced seven-week courses that allow you to quickly gain career-enhancing skills.  A certificate in managing construction projects will be awarded upon successful completion of the required courses

Workforce Training Programs: Non-Credit (CEU) Programs

Journeyman Electrician

Wentworth offers an accelerated, four semester journeyman electrician programs to prepare individuals to become licensed Journeyman Electrician in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A variety of theoretical and applied concepts will be covered in each course, with the overarching intent of journeyman electrician license preparation. Each class will devote a significant portion of time covering the Massachusetts Electrical Code. This program is conveniently designed for busy adults with a sequence of evening courses.

Construction Supervisor License, Test Prep Course

Become a licensed Construction Supervisor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Wentworth's Construction Supervisor's License (CSL) Preparation will prepare you to take the state licensure exam for commercial and residential buildings. This license allows you to supervise construction for any single- or two-family dwelling or appurtenant structure, regardless of size, as well as any other building type up to 35,000 cubic feet of enclosed space.