Learning Innovation and Technology

Tes Zakrzewski, Director of Learning Innovation and Technology
Beatty 318
(617) 989-4989

Learning Innovation and Technology (LIT) is dedicated to supporting academic excellence by awakening, nurturing, and empowering all faculty members to be effective educators able to ensure quality student learning at Wentworth Institute of Technology by:

  • Delivering flexible, creative, multimodal programs and resources to create transformational learning experiences, and deepen student engagement
  • Enhancing faculty’s ability to design and facilitate experiential courses (classroom-based, technology-enabled, hybrid, or fully online) aligned with program and Wentworth goals
  • Fostering informal learning and interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty around experiential, project-based teaching, learning, and scholarship

By advancing our mission, participating faculty will, in part, be able to:

  • Use effective, dynamic teaching practices that cultivate experiential learning environments
  • Reflect on teaching practices for continual development
  • Design courses and curricula that maximize course alignment and academic effectiveness
  • Use and/or develop appropriate tools and practices for assessing student work
  • Collaborate with other faculty to support growth and collegiality

LIT is focused on growing meaningful faculty professional development opportunities and course consulting through formal and informal engagement supported by workshops (face to face, virtual, synchronous, self-paced), online resources, and targeted support for full-time and adjunct faculty.