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Wentworth has a long and rich history of engaging its neighbors, strengthening relationships, and creating long-term partnerships with community residents, organizations, and local public schools. Wentworth encourages students to not only master their area of technical expertise, but also to bring their passion and talents to real-world problems, making a true difference in the community.

As a result of years of faculty, staff, student, and community efforts in response to community needs, Wentworth founded the Center for Community and Learning Partnerships (CLP). CLP provides Wentworth students and community members with a shared experience to help solve the many challenges confronting Boston neighborhoods and its residents. Through CLP, Wentworth creates a platform for students to get involved in community-based projects and programs to positively impact the neighborhoods where students and local residents live, work, study, and play.

Since 2005, CLP has facilitated community-related activities between Wentworth and Boston-based, community organizations; focused on developing, implementing and assessing community engagement and service-learning projects for faculty, staff, students, and alumni; and has provided college access programming for Boston youth. In addition to our education activities for Boston youth, CLP has been an advocate for the community voice through community engagement projects and programs. CLP has collaborated with numerous community organizations and nonprofits throughout the City of Boston to help address capital needs and increase capacity building for our partners. These partnerships are maintained and strengthened through several programs run out of CLP:

  • Community Work Study (CWS) —CLP partners with local community-based, nonprofit organizations to help build community capital by placing students in real-world, work-based opportunities. All positions are paid.
  • Alternative Spring Break (ASB) —A great opportunity for students who want to experience different parts of the country while participating in a week of hands-on, service projects.
  • Co+build—An innovative, community-driven design and build program that pairs Wentworth students and faculty/staff experts with both short-term and long-term service opportunities throughout the City of Boston and beyond.
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)—A local organization trains students to become certified tax preparers to help provide preparation services to local residents free of charge.

Service learning projects, like these, can be executed through coursework under the direction of faculty; through participation in student clubs and organizations; through community cooperative learning positions with community organizations; or through the Institute-wide, required senior-year capstone. Students who excel in providing service to organizations throughout Boston are eligible to enroll with CLP to earn a Certificate in Community Learning, a distinction announced during graduation.

CLP is a department of the Office of Community Affairs and External Relations, which is committed to building and maintaining exemplary relationships with the City of Boston, its neighborhood residents, and elected officials.

Information about CLP's many projects, programs, and resources can be found on the CLP website, through our social media outlets, or by stopping by the office at 553 Huntington Avenue.