Center for Student Engagement

Carissa Durfee, Director
026 Flanagan Campus Center, Beatty Hall
(617) 989-4080

The Center for Student Engagement connects the Wentworth community by providing resources, helping students explore interests, and celebrating the achievements of the student body. The center provides services in many areas to ensure students are successful from the moment they arrive on campus for orientation through the last moments as a student during senior celebrations.

New Student Orientation and Transition Programs

New students begin their transition to Wentworth through two different programs. The first, New Student Orientation (NSO), is a two-day, overnight introduction to the Wentworth community for all first-year students. NSO provides students with the basic knowledge of the campus community, as well as the resources and services Wentworth offers. Orientation programs for transfer and international students are offered later in the summer. 

The second component, referred to as Wentworth Opening Week (WOW), is the official welcome program for all first-year and transfer students. Every new student at Wentworth participates in this three-day introduction to college life, which occurs immediately prior to the first day of class. WOW is an Institute-wide initiative that brings all students, staff, and faculty together to help welcome new students and transition them into life at Wentworth. During WOW, students connect with their classmates, receive their laptop, meet with their primary advisor, and learn more about their academic program and campus resources.

First-Year Seminar

First-Year Seminar develops students as engaged learners. The program focuses on the development of positive academic behaviors, assists students in their transition to Wentworth, and supports their personal growth. Through a combination of lecture, discussion, group work and activities, all new students learn about the academic, social, and cultural expectations at Wentworth, and they develop skills necessary for success at Wentworth.

In addition to teaching the curriculum, instructors serve as a resource to new students, providing transitional and developmental advisement. First-Year Seminar instructors partner with primary advisors to promote academic advising, counsel at-risk students experiencing academic difficulty, and make appropriate referrals as necessary. Instructors also perform outreach to students in their class to assist with personal transition issues.

Student Organizations

Organizations related to majors, social interests, and club sports are all run through the Center for Student Engagement. A complete listing of student organizations may be found on our website. Email to find out more about clubs and organizations or for information on how to start your own club. The Involvement Fairs in September and January find representatives from each club sharing more about the offerings. Email to find out more about clubs and organizations, or for information on how to start your own club.


Students may self-select to participate in the Wentworth Leadership Institute, aimed at developing leadership skills, engaging in the practice of leadership, and offering students the opportunity to develop their own leadership style. This is done through workshops, experiential exercises, and non-credit courses.

Commuter Programs

The Center for Student Engagement provides programs and services to support and enhance the commuter student experience. This includes weekly events held during the day and early evening to accommodate commuter student schedules, discounted MBTA Semester Pass sales, complimentary lockers, and individual outreach. Commuter assistants—who are current, experienced commuter students—create programs to build community, provide resources, and advocate for commuters. Commuter parking passes are available through the Student Service Center. Updated information can be found on Twitter by following @witcommuters.

Programs & Events

Student Engagement hosts a variety of large-scale events throughout the year, including Family and Alumni Weekend, Colleges of the Fenway events, senior celebrations, and the Institute Awards Program. The Wentworth Events Board lists a robust line up of events and activities throughout the year.