Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office, located in Rubenstein 003, is committed to guiding students through their journey at Wentworth. As a hub for advice, referrals, and support, it addresses both academic and personal concerns, helping students access necessary resources. The office also extends its role as a resource to families and community members, providing assistance in matters related to student issues, questions or concerns.

Student Support Services

We understand that students may face various challenges throughout their time at Wentworth. Our Student Support team is equipped to provide help and advocacy to students who are experiencing challenges with college transition, physical or mental health, personal or family difficulties, and financial and/or basic needs insecurity. Student Support Specialists also guide students returning to campus after medical or health-related absences to ensure a smooth transition.


Wentworth's CARE Team is a group of designated university staff trained to identify, assess and respond to concerning or disruptive behaviors that may present a risk to the health or safety of the university community. Led by the Dean of Students, the team responds to concerns about students, faculty, and staff. Community members can submit non-emergency referrals through the form available at Please note that CARE referrals should not replace emergency responses. In situations where someone's safety is immediately threatened, contact Public Safety at 617-989-4444 or dial 911.

Student Conduct and Restorative Practices

All Wentworth students, from time of admission through degree conferral, are expected to follow all University policies and procedures. Students who violate University policies and procedures will be held accountable as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Administered by the Director of Student Conduct and Restorative Practices, the Student Code of Conduct promotes personal growth, integrity, and self-responsibility among students. The conduct and conflict resolution process provides both formal and informal options for students to resolve conflicts and helps students re-engage with their academic and personal lives at Wentworth. As partners in student success, the University may inform families of conduct violations in certain cases.