Academic Honesty Policy

Students, faculty, and staff are responsible for maintaining a proper learning environment at Wentworth. All students are required to abide by the Student Code of Conduct, the Wentworth Creed, and all published Wentworth policies and procedures to satisfy the general requirements for graduation. Wentworth takes violations of academic honesty and cases of academic misconduct very seriously. Sanctions include, but are not limited to: a reduced grade for the assignment, a grade of “0” for the assignment, “F” for the course, removal from a course, University suspension, or University expulsion. (If a student receives an "F" as a sanction, they will not be able to withdrawal from the course and will no longer be permitted to attend the class.)

Procedures for Handling Academic Honesty Violations

The Wentworth faculty and administration have developed a set of procedures to investigate and determine whether graduate students have engaged in violations of academic honesty.  Information about this process can be found on the Academic Affairs website.

Students who suspect another classmate of academic dishonesty can either talk directly to the faculty member or contact EthicsPoint anonymously (855-353-9143 or EthicsPoint Online).