Change or Declare Programs

Change of Program

Students seeking to change to a new graduate program at the same level should consult with the  associate dean of the school  for the graduate program of the new program they are considering. The associate dean or designee  will interview the student and review the academic record, and, in some cases, a full review of academic credentials may be necessary. If the request is approved, a Change of Program form is completed, the signature of associate dean of  the graduate program and the student are required for the change to become official. Change of programs for a current semester must be received and processed by the Registrar 15 days prior to the start of a semester, otherwise all change of programs will become effective at the start of the next semester the student is enrolled.

It is important to note that not all change of program requests are granted by the  associate dean of the school  for the graduate program if upon review of the students’ academic credentials a student has not met the requirements for acceptance into the new program.  

Students considering a change of program should be aware of the potential impact of time to graduate and financial standing. Students are advised to meet with a financial services counselor to discuss any potential impact to financial aid and tuition payments because of the change of program.

Adding a Second Graduate Degree

Matriculating graduate students pursuing two graduate degrees must complete at least an additional 24 credit hours in residence.  Because the program requirements for each program must be met, it is possible that more than 24 semester credit hours will be needed to fulfill these requirements. In such cases, a second graduate degree is recorded on the student’s transcript and dated; accordingly, Wentworth does not allow concurrent dual graduate degrees.

Returning students pursuing an additional graduate degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology must have completed all requirements for the first graduate degree and be formally approved to return in pursuit of second graduate degree. Students will be held to the catalog year in which the second graduate degree is initiated and will complete at least 24 additional credits in residence. Coursework completed in the first graduate degree cannot be applied to the minimum of 24 credits in residence requirement f.  Upon completion of all required coursework, the second graduate degree will be recorded on the students’ transcript and dated accordingly. Students seeking a second graduate degree are advised to consult with Student Financial Services and Financial Aid.

Counting Credits Towards Multiple Degree and or Programs 

Wentworth Institute of Technology limits the counting of credits toward multiple degree and/or programs to protect the academic integrity of each degree and/or program. When a student is counting credits towards multiple degrees and/or programs in the same or closely related fields and the coursework makes up an integral part of the degree and /or programs, the following restrictions apply:

  • The student must be admitted to the degree program in each of the awarding academic units/schools.
  • In no instance shall course credit be counted more than twice in satisfaction of the requirements for multiple degree and/or programs.
  • In order to earn two or more degrees and/or programs students must earn a minimum of 80% of the combined total of  the credits normally required for each of the degrees. 

Exceptions: Two 30 credit gradate degrees will not be awarded for fewer than 51 credits (i.e. up  to 9 credits can be shared between the two graduate degrees)