Change or Declare Programs

Change of Major 

Undergraduate students who are in good academic standing for their class level and have the ability to obtain a degree in the desired program are eligible to submit a change of major request.  For students with a GPA below 2.0, change of major may be denied if evidence of academic success is not documented on the student’s academic record upon exclusion of completed courses that are not required in the new major except for Humanities and Social Science courses; the grade point average in the new major will consist of only those courses accepted in the new major.  A change of major does not remove the historical academic sanctions that may have been applied under previous major.  Change of Major requests must be  submitted to dean or associate dean of the new major and must be received and processed by the Registrar prior to the first day of class or at least one week prior to the start of the semester registration periods for Fall, Spring and Summer,  otherwise the change of major will become effective for the next semester the student is enrolled. The Change of Major to become official requires the approval signature of the dean or the associate deanStudents considering a change of major should be aware of the potential impact on time to graduate and financial standing. Students are advised to meet with their Student Accounts and Financial Aid counselors to discuss any potential impact to financial aid and tuition payments resulting from the change of major. Students changing from an associate degree program to a bachelor’s degree program must submit an application to Undergraduate Admissions. International students must obtain the approval from International Student Services (ISS) for any change of major.

Add a Second Degree

Matriculating undergraduates pursuing two Bachelors degrees must complete at least an additional thirty-six (36) credit hours in residence and all requirements of the second major. Because the program requirements for each major must be met, it is possible that more than thirty-six (36) semester credit hours will be needed to fulfill these requirements. For baccalaureate majors that require 2 required COOP semesters , an additional co-op semester is required in the new major. In such cases, a second degree is recorded on the student’s transcript and dated accordingly; Wentworth does not allow concurrent dual degrees. Returning students pursuing an additional degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology must have completed all requirements for the first degree and be formally approved to return in pursuit of a second degree. Non-matriculating students will be held to the catalog year in which the second degree is initiated and will complete at least thirty-six (36) additional credits in residence. Coursework completed in the first baccalaureate degree cannot be applied to the minimum of thirty-six (36) credits in residence requirement; this restriction includes converting a minor/s into a second degree. Upon completion of all required coursework, the additional degree will be recorded on the students’ transcript and dated appropriately. Students seeking a second major are advised to consult with Student Financial Services and Financial Aid.

Add or Drop a Minor(s)

Minors offer the opportunity for students to complement their major with intensive study in another area. A minor consists of a minimum of four courses defined by an academic unit. In some cases, prerequisite courses are also required. Students in good academic standing (2.0 GPA)  may declare a minor  prior to the end of the drop/add period or no later than one week prior to the start of a registration period.(consult the Academic Calendar for the start dates of each registration period) by submitting a Minor Declaration form to the Registrar.  All declarations submitted after the drop/add period or prior to the registration period  will become effective for the next semester the student is enrolled.  Minors appear on the transcript only after completion of requirements has been certified and the degree has been awarded. 

Change Catalog Year

Students must follow the requirements for the various degrees/majors/minors as printed in the academic catalog for the same semester that the student entered Wentworth in a degree program. Upon changing major or upon reinstatement (not enrolled for at least 2 years), a student will follow the catalog year in effect at the time the change. This does not apply to students returning from an approved Medical leave of absence or Military deployment.