Humanities & Social Science Requirement

Undergraduate Programs

Students must complete a minimum of 28 credits, including an English Sequence, at least one course in humanities (HIST, HUMN, LITR or PHIL), at least one course in social science (COMM, ECON, POLS, PSYC, or SOCL) and the remaining courses from either the humanities or social sciences category. Students whose English Sequence requires 3 English courses may use the third English course to satisfy a humanities elective requirement. Students in programs with Directed HSS Electives may use the directed course to satisfy the humanities or social science as determined by that HSS course. Courses with the prefix of HSSI are interdisciplinary and may count for either a humanities or social science.

Directed HSS Electives

HSS Directed Electives are specific humanities or social science course/s (e.g. ECON4102), or an HSS discipline (e.g. Ethics), which a program department has determined would be beneficial or necessary in the program’s curriculum. Program specific Directed Electives are noted on the student's degree audit.

General Electives

Programs that identify a general elective as part of the degree requirements will appear on a student’s degree audit for a specific semester. Students are advised to discuss their options with their primary advisor prior to registering for courses. Please consult your primary advisor if you have any questions about this policy.

Program Electives

Various majors require technical electives. Students should refer to the Academic Catalog for their catalog year for a listing of approved technical electives or consult with their primary advisor prior to registering for courses.