Undergraduate Degrees

Degrees Awarded

The following undergraduate  degrees are awarded by Wentworth Institute of Technology

  • Associates in Science 
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Professional Undergraduate Certificates

Replacement Diplomas

Students or alumni in need of a replacement diploma must submit a Request for Duplicate Diploma and submit it to the Registrar. The form must be notarized, and there is a $50 replacement fee due at the time the completed form is submitted.

Time to Degree

Any student who requires more than two years after their anticipated graduation date to complete a program of study must be academically reviewed by their associate dean. Students who submit a request to reinstate after five (5) years or more must matriculate under the catalog year of their reinstatement. Credit for courses taken more than five (5) years prior to the student's reinstatement to Wentworth is not allowed. This policy applies to courses taken at Wentworth as well as those taken at other schools. Students may submit an appeal to the 5 year rule for courses completed at Wentworth with a final grade of  B or higher. The appeal must  accompany the Request for Academic Reinstatement to be considered.   All requests for reinstatement must have the approval of the dean or associate dean.

Programs No Longer Offered

Any student who is enrolled in a program which is no longer offered by the University must complete all graduation requirements for that program within one year after the original expected date of graduation. Any student who fails to satisfy all requirements within the one-year period must have their academic records evaluated by an associate dean of the program to determine which course of study and program must be followed. Beyond the one-year statute of limitation the University will not grant a degree for any program which has been discontinued.