Student grade point average (GPA) is determined using the semester credit hours earned in each course multiplied by the weight of the grade received. The sum of these products divided by the total semester hours taken by the student during a semester is the grade point average (GPA). Courses in which advanced standing credit is given for work taken in other institutions of higher education, or in which grades of "IC", "W", "S", "P" or "U" are received, are omitted in determining the grade point average (GPA).

Exclusion of courses from the GPA may occur with one, or any combination, of the following actions:

  • The student repeats a grade of "C-", "D+", "D", or "F"
  • The student changes program and only the exclusive course requirements of the former major are removed from the GPA calculation of the new curriculum’s GPA, as determined by the appropriate associate dean. Humanities and social science courses do not qualify for grade forgiveness.

Midterm and Final Grades

Midterm grades are posted at the mid-point of each semester on Leopardweb. Midterm grades do not appear on the student’s official transcript. It is the student’s responsibility to meet with their primary advisor or student success advisor  and the instructor of any course in which midterm grades reflect poor academic progress to improve the quality of their work and seek help from all available campus resources. Students should consult the academic calendar for midterm grade due dates and posting dates for each semester.

Final grades are posted after each semester in April, August, and December. Students should consult the academic calendar for final grade due dates and posting dates for each semester. Students with questions or concerns regarding their final grade should contact the instructor for the course.

Grade Scale: Undergraduate

Grade Weight Numerical Definition Definition
Student learning and accomplishment far exceeds published objectives for the course/test/assignment and student work is distinguished consistently by its high level of competency and/or innovation.
Student learning and accomplishment goes beyond what is expected in the published objectives for the course/test/assignment and student work is frequently characterized by its special depth of understanding, development, and/or innovative experimentation.
Student learning and accomplishment meets all published objectives for the course/test/assignment and student work demonstrates the expected level of understanding and application of concepts introduced.
Student learning and accomplishment based on the published objectives for the course/test/assignment were met with minimum passing achievement.
F 0 0-59 Student learning and accomplishment based on the published objectives for the course/test/assignment were not sufficiently addressed or met.
P 0 Pass (for credit)
S 0 Satisfactory (no credit)
U 0 Unsatisfactory (no credit)
W 0 Withdrew
IC 0 Incomplete (temporary)
NR 0 Grade Not Reported by Instructor

Wentworth does not offer students the option to audit a course; if a student is granted an exception to this policy the course cannot be converted at any time to a credit bearing course and will not satisfy a degree requirement.

Incomplete Grades Policy

A temporary grade of "IC" may be issued  to a student who has completed most the work in a course, but has a medical emergency, personal emergency, or other circumstance which is beyond the student’s control that would prevent the completion of work by the time grades are due. It is not used to allow students who mismanage their time to turn in work late. Students seeking an ‘IC’ grade must make arrangements with the course instructor prior to the final examination period. If course instructor cannot be reached or is no longer at Wentworth, the student should contact the associate dean  of the course.   Unresolved "IC" grades received in the fall semester will automatically be changed to "F" at the midterm grade deadline the following spring. Unresolved "IC" grades received in the spring and/or summer semester will automatically be changed to "F" at the midterm grade deadline the following fall. Seven-week courses will have until end of the full term. Session two will have until midterm of the following full term. Unresolved "IC" grades will delay the awarding of an undergraduate or graduate degree until such time a final grade has been awarded or the requirement has been met. No degrees will be conferred with outstanding "IC" grades.

If a student receives an "IC" grade in a prerequisite course for a subsequent semester the outstanding coursework must be completed and a final grade submitted to the Registrar prior to the first day of class or the student will be dropped from the course for having not met the pre-requisite. 

Pass/Fail Grades

Grades of "P" or "F" are awarded to courses with this grade scheme and carry academic credit. "P" or "F" grades do not calculate into the GPA.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grades

Grades of "S" or "U" are awarded to non-credit bearing courses and do not calculate into the student’s semester or cumulative GPA.

Repeated Courses

A course may be repeated for credit if a grade of "C-" or less is received on the first attempt. If a student receives as second grade of "C-" or less in the repeated course, the course may be repeated only once more. The grade for the repeated course is calculated in the GPA in place of the initial grade(s) regardless of the replacement grades earned. The previous grade(s) remains on the record, but neither the previous grade(s) nor the credits are calculated in the GPA. Students are not permitted to transfer a course to WIT for grade replacement. For grades of "C-" or below, grade replacement courses must be completed at WIT.

Retention of Graded Student Work

All work submitted for grading is the property of Wentworth Institute of Technology and may be retained at the discretion of the University.

Special Grading Policies

Several degree programs have special grading policies that impact continued progress in the program or graduation from the program. Architecture, Industrial Design, and Interior Design have a grading policy regarding studio courses, while Electrical Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering all require a minimum GPA for their technical courses in addition to the University minimum GPA required for graduation. All special policies are detailed with the degree program information in this catalog.

Final Examinations

Final examinations are given in all courses during the scheduled examination period as published in the academic calendar. The final examination schedule is published on MyWentworth and students are responsible for consulting it. No student should make travel arrangements that conflict with the examination schedule. Students who, prior to the final exam posting, schedule departure during final exams risk failure in their final course assessment.

Students must complete the final examination on the scheduled day. However, no student will be required to take more than two final examinations on the same day. A make-up exam can be scheduled with course instructors to accommodate students in courses with final exam conflicts. Dean or designee of the school administering the final will determine, if necessary, which final examination will be required to be rescheduled via a make-up exam. Students who experience a medical or personal emergency may follow the procedures outlined in the Incomplete Grades section.

Dean's List

Full-time undergraduate degree program students attempting at least 12 credits and part-time undergraduate degree program ( AENT, ABCM, BBCM, BPM or BSFM)  students attempting at least 6 credits who achieve a semester grade point average of 3.50 or higher, with all grades at least "C"  for the semester, are recognized for their scholastic achievement by placement on the Dean’s List.  Students with IC grades at the time Dean's List are awarded are not eligible for the award for that semester.  A Dean’s List notation is posted to the student’s official transcript following each semester grading period.